Legends of Legends

There are so many legends of comedy and R&B that have made lasting impressions on the world of entertainment.  We repeat quips and funny moments that only the best in comedy create.  We equate moments to songs and are reminded of them when we listen to the quiet storm.  We love to music and laugh to comedy.  Our souls have been touched by the best in both genres.  We have all at one point or another been moved by the legends of legends.

The Reason Why

Legends Comedy and Concert Series LogoIt’s 8:00 pm and we’re in a bit of a panic. Why you ask?  Because the band has yet to arrive. Yes, we’ve gotten several “we’re about ten minutes away” calls but it is now another ten minutes after the third of those. Our opening and headlining R&B artists are becoming restless. The air is thick with impatience and worry and the clock is rapidly ticking. Then finally the door bursts open with the band rushing in full of profuse apology as they begin unloading and wiring, connecting, reconnecting and then finally “check, check, one, two, one, two” the mics are on and we’re ready to begin sound check. Whew! Oh wait, one more glitch, the opening act Lonniece, has only a CD and has never performed her new R&B songs with a band not to mention…this band has never heard the songs and as such will have to learn them now.. right now, 45 minutes before the doors open to the show! Okay, now we’re in gotta make it do what it do mode. Our band, the LegendsCCS band reads music of course but the real blessing is, they play by ear as well. So now the before apprehensive opening act feels comfortable, excited even, at the great sounding and well-made match that was created in a matter of a half an hour. She is amped! Okay, over that crisis. Now let’s get it going! Time to get the artists out of here to get changed and ready for the show! As the artists are whisked away we have a moment to breathe. Moment over. Here comes the tap on the shoulder by the venue manager, “I need to speak with the person in charge of this show?” clearly adding deliberate authority to his voice. I and my partner throw one another the “what now?!” look and step aside to speak with Mr. Authority. He then advises us that security hasn’t arrived and the doors cannot open until security get’s there. Security…hmm in all of the commotion, drama, and panic, we neglected to confirm whether or not security has arrived; thirty minutes before show starts. Lest not forget the first at least twenty five show attendees have arrived. Now we’re absolutely frustrated.  We get on it and learn that security is on their way and of course “about ten minutes away”.

This has been the most troublesome show we have ever had. Actually the only troublesome show we’ve had. Was this a test? This was the one that made us want to cut our losses, give refunds, close up shop, head out the door and straight to the local bar for a shot of something, anything!. However, as we saw the excited anticipation on the faces of the now building crowd, we knew we had to tough it out and make it happen. Okay, security is now in the building and the show must go on.

The show host, Comedian Ice Cream, is on top of his game per usual and the show is off to a comedic start. The rumblings of impatient concert-goers who were made to wait an extra few minutes to take their seats have changed to eruptions of laughter. Next, the opening act–she blows the crowd out of their initially cautious/judgmental seats, a few selections from our awesome band, and then our headliner who of course kills it! The show was ultimately another success!

As the show attendees made their way to the exit still singing the songs they heard and repeating the comedian’s quips, there is a joy on their faces that wasn’t there before the show. Many of them came up to us with hugs and thanks confessing what a great time they had. As we sat exhausted and relieved that the show was over we began to chat, not about the band being late, the security fiasco or all of the other drama we fought through to make this event happen. We spoke about how happy everyone was as they exited the show. All else had been easily forgotten. That is when it hit us, the real reason why we do this.  Of course!

We do it for the people.


Welcome to Legends Comedy and Concert Series!

Welcome to our blog!

The Legends Comedy and Concert Series Mission:

To bring the best in legendary comedy and music to markets that are often overlooked.  To be the entertainment company whose name creates an air of expectation and anticipation and then consistently deliver with great entertainment.  We firmly believe in one very simple equation: legends of comedy plus legends of music equals legendary entertainment.

We are an entertainment company that promotes, and markets comedy and R&B shows in areas throughout the U.S. that otherwise are not reached with quality live entertainment.  We also book professional comedians and R&B legends on tours, spot-date events, private and corporate parties, casinos, and special events nationwide!

Then we’ll blog about it! So stay tuned!!

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